Time in the helicopter not on the express train…

Some excellent reflections relating to our recent College Leadership Team Away Day. May well have some resonance to other school leaders relating to the need to press “pause” at times or step back to see the big picture. Worth keeping ourselves honest with and finding others time to do the same.



A reflection of our College Leadership Team Away Day – January 2014

It’s a busy life for everyone in school.  Thankfully at St Paul’s we are not summoned by bells, but the pace is very fast, and every day is action-packed.    And there is sometimes a risk that in dealing with all the day-to-day stuff we lose sight of the big picture.  That is why Inset days, learning communities, staff meetings and so on are so important – they give us a little bit of breathing space to sit back and reflect on what we are all here for and, hopefully, they re-energise and inspire us.

Being on the College Leadership Team is no different.  We meet every Monday after school and every Wednesday before school but, inevitably, much of this time is spent discussing what is happening now, and planning for things coming up later this week, this term…

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