Journeying to Great: 2. The Purple One

Part 2 of Stephen’s reflections @leadinglearner – challenge is all about empowering others and sticking to our core purpose and vision. Communicate it in small ways everyday.


I’ve just invested £14 in an attempt to make a crucial point during our next INSET (In-Service Training) Day. 

Quality Street - Purple One

We are a good school but we are not yet great.  We want to be and intend to be.  My role is to help discern what we keep for the next stage of our journey, what we abandon and what we tweak.  The first part of the “journey” can be found in the previous post, “Journeying to Great: 1. The St. Paulsing Way”.

Having visited two great schools in the last fortnight I’m wondering whether it’s all about the Purple One.   To make sense of this I need to share two different conversations that have come together (in my head at least) and will hopefully help us on our journey.

Freedom, Responsibility & Interdependence

The first great school I visited was St. Paul’s Catholic College, in Burgess Hill.  I was…

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