Getting Out Back


There has been some recent discussion relating to the length of school holidays and it struck me today that in very simple terms you’re worth it!!

This startling revelation came to me as I relaxed in the warmth of the Cornwall sun at the end of a lovely week with friends and family. Surfers talk about getting “out back” beyond the waves. I am no surfer but am happiest in the water. Today I floated around on my body board and realised that this carefree moment is pretty important.

School life is often lived at “full pace” and so it should be. We give it everything and often approach the holidays “running on empty”. Perhaps this is it – if we see that teaching is more than just a job and live and breath all we do it is important to occasionally press pause.

I hope all you fellow teachers have got “out back” in the last week so we can ride whatever wave we plan to ride for the rest of the summer term.


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